Adult Crisis Stabilization Center

1440 West Dunkerton Road Waterloo Iowa 50703

Main Line (319) 291-2455 Extension #1

Fax (319) 291-2464

Adult Crisis Stabilization Center's Phone/Visiting Policies


While residing at our facility, residents are to use our main line for all phone calls. For everyone's best interests, cell phones are shut off and locked in a secured room until a resident is discharged. Residents may talk to whom ever they want unless legal situations require otherwise. Personal phone contacts for our residents will not be limited but we do ask calls are kept from approximately 5-minute to 15-minutes a day. There is not a limit on numbers of calls clients can make per day, but when needed staff will prioritize who gets the next call or if someone needs to end a conversation in order to allow for another person to have phone time.


Visiting with a resident at our facility may take place from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. on weekdays and weekends. Anyone may visit unless legal situations require otherwise.

All parties must maintain an appropriate rapport while in our facility or the visit can be cut off. We also reserve the right to cancel any visit if there are situations which would be deemed upsetting or disruptive to NIRS routine.

We ask that visitors call first so if there is any condition preventing a visit, you hopefully will be informed before making an un-needed trip and also that our staff can arrange to have a visiting room available in such case that the weather would mandate persons to stay inside.

If you wish to bring a snack or beverages, this is allowed with the exception of alcoholic or illegal substances. If for any reason these items are brought to our facility or a client becomes under the influence of said substances, they will be discharged and asked to leave. Please do not bring cell phones when entering our facility. You may use our company phone or you are free to go outside to your vehicle and use a cell phone at any time.
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