North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services

1440 West Dunkerton Road Waterloo Iowa 50703

Main Line (319) 291-2455 Extension #2

Fax (319) 291-2464

Service Rate

The current rate for GPS Tracking and Monitoring (ankle monitor) is $20 set up fee + Daily rate (currently $20 per child per day) + mileage (currently $ .40 per mile).

* If a child cuts off the monitor or damages it in any way, the parent will be billed for our loss. The current price of an ankle monitor and a charging unit is $1700.

If you are not a Juvenile Court Officer, parent or a legal guardian we as a facility cannot legally give out information about a child, their location or confirm if a child in question is on an ankle monitor or not. You will need to contact the Police Department or the Juvenile Court Office of your county for any information regarding a child that is not legally your responsibility. Any person falsely impersonating a parent or legal guardian is subject to criminal charges and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Ankle Monitoring Service

Ankle Monitoring Services are available to both professionals (JCO's) and private individuals (parents or guardians). When a child is on an ankle monitor they can be located by calling us and having a staff member ping their monitor. This procedure takes only a few minutes provided our internet service is working and we do not have a more immediate concern. Although locations are not exact (we cannot tell what room of a building a child is in or if they are inside or outside of a structure) they are within several yards of the child's location. We can also trace approximately where a child has been for several days. It is the child and parent's responsibility to make sure the ankle monitor is fully charged in order to work.

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