North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services

1440 West Dunkerton Road Waterloo Iowa 50703

Main Line (319) 291-2455 Extension #2

Fax (319) 291-2464

North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services Phone/Visiting Policies


Residents may talk to their parents, grandparents and/or legal guardian. Personal phone contacts for our residents will be limited one 5-minute call per day unless the resident has reached Level III status. In this case, calls may be 10 minutes long or split up into two 5-minute calls. Staff will dial all phone numbers and may ask to verify the caller's identity. Residents will not be allowed to use the phone if on room restriction. Abuse of phone rules will result in loss of phone privileges for 24 hours. For continued infractions, loss of phone privileges can extend to the end of a residents stay at our facility. Calls to workers and lawyers must be during regular office hours and will not count as personal calls.


Visiting with a resident at our facility may take place during non-school hours. Non-school hours usually are 3:30 P.M. to 9 P.M. on weekdays and from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. on weekends and other non-school days.

Only parents/guardians, grandparents and siblings under the age of 13 may visit with residents at our facility. Staff will ask for identification so please bring a driver license or an ID card for all people visiting.

All parties must maintain an appropriate rapport while in our facility or the visit can be cut off. We also reserve the right to cancel any visit if residents are on a room restriction or if the behavior of the group requires suspension of our normal routine.

We ask that parents call first so if there is any condition preventing a visit, you hopefully will be informed before making an un-needed trip.

Residents with family traveling from inside the Black Hawk County area may visit one time per day for 1/2 hour unless the resident has reached Level III status. In this case, residents and their family may visit for a full hour every day. For those who must come from outside of Black Hawk County, visits may last up to 1 hour.

If you wish to bring a snack or beverages, these may be donated to the residents but there must be enough so that every resident can have one serving. There is no need for money, clothes, meals or jewelry for residents staying at our facility. Please do not bring cell phones when visiting our facility.

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