North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services

1440 West Dunkerton Road Waterloo Iowa 50703

Main Line (319) 291-2455 Extension #2

Fax (319) 291-2464

Service Rate

For our member counties the cost is $125 per child per day. These rates are the same for our 48 Hour Hold programs.

For counties that are not members the cost is $175 per child per day.

Our rates are non-changing after being announced for the fiscal year (July 1st.) and there are no extra "hidden" fees. For billing purposes, the day will begin at 00:00 hours (12 midnight) but if the child arrives reasonably close to this time, (usually within the hour) we can start billing for the following day.

These services are ONLY an option for JCO's. If you are not a Juvenile Court Officer you may return to the home page with the link on this page.

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