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Substance Abuse Testing

We offer both instant and lab analyzed testing to JCO's and the general public. The current cost is $50 per lab test (sent into an independent out of state laboratory and the results are sent to us) and $25 per instant test.

To ensure all tests are not tampered with, a staff member monitors as the test sample is being donated. Instant tests can be reviewed for results in about 2-5 minutes after being given. Lab testing can take up to a week before results are known.

The main difference between the two types of tests is the time taken to review the results. The lab tests are a bit more accurate and give not only substances abused but also actual levels in the person's body at the time. For example, a daily user of Marijuana may have levels exceeding 550 while someone who uses once or twice a week most likely would have levels between 100 and 300. The higher the level, the longer it takes to test clean again.

The instant tests we currently use test for:

  • Amphetamine

  • Opiates

  • Cocaine

  • Marijuana (THC)

  • Benzodiazepine (BZO)

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