North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services

1440 West Dunkerton Road Waterloo Iowa 50703

Main Line (319) 291-2455 ACSC Extension #1 NIJDS Extension #2

Fax (319) 291-2464


The current price of transportation for both non-secure and secure transports is $40 per hour.

Transportation Service both secured and non-secure are available but not limited to professionals such as ... Hospitals, Police Departments, Juvenile Court Officers Sheriff Departments and Adult mental health patients.

Secured Transportation

A Secured Transport is the preferred way to get a child from point A to point B. In our experience, we have known children to do things that would be self-harming to themselves as well as the people around them. These occasions do not occur often but having the juvenile shackled and handcuffed minimizes situations to the best of anyone's ability. For extreme cases we have a van equipped with an inner cell.

Non-Secured Transportation

Non-secured Transports are when the person is not shackled or handcuffed. We do require all persons to wear their seatbelt though for both safety and legal reasons.

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